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Live Edge Dining Table

Project Spotlight: Custom Dining in Castle Rock

After living abroad for many years, our world travelling clients recently settled in Castle Rock, Colorado. For their new home, they requested a one-of-kind dining set, full of personality that would blend well with the many unique pieces they had collected over time. It has always been important that they feel connected to each piece of furniture in their home, and their dining set was no exception. After sorting through many images for inspiration, we set out together to create their special vision.

Starting with a beautiful, hand-selected American Black Walnut flitch, we joined two live-edge slabs together with a series of bow ties to form a unique top for our Triple Weston Pedestal base. The clients chose to celebrate the natural features of the wood, leaving cracks and knots exposed.

When it comes to seating, comfort and quality reign supreme. We partnered with Design Wright Studios in Denver to completely customize their private line of settees and chairs. Not only is the seating incredibly cozy and comfortable,  but each item is handcrafted in North Carolina matching the same quality standards as our tables and is a true reflection of the couple’s personality.

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